Seven weeks after bad news

After Rehabilitation in Tokyo Ideguchis return to Fuerth is imminent.

Dienstag, 20.11.2018 // 11:33 Uhr

September 30th was a black day for Yosuke Ideguchi. A few weeks ago, one of the worst nightmare a football player could ever have happened to the 22-year-old: rupture of cruciate ligament in the right knee. But since then a lot has happened – here’s an update on the midfielder’s rehab progress

It was the 8th game the for the Kleeblatt – the Team around head coach Damir Buric had an away game at Dynamo Dresden. It was a good game for the Kleeblatt Team, after they took home a 1-0 win. But for midfielder Yosuke Ideguchi the game ended before the final whistle. After a fiercely duel with his Dresden opponent he injured his right knee. After the treatment of the Kleeblatt doctors and resulting diagnosis, the bad news came: his posterior cruciate ligament was torn.

If it should go faster, all the better.
Martin Meichelbeck, Technical Director

Rehabilitation in Japanese institution

In the course of his injury, he consulted the Kleeblatt doctors and doctors of the Japanese national team, which therapy was the best for him. The decision fell on a conservative treatment in his home country at the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences (JISS) in Tokyo. The rehab institution is a national medical and training center and attracts many top athletes and national team players to the Japanese capital. Especially the players of the Japanese National Team get a preferential treatment here. The major focus of this training center lies in sports medicine, medical rehabilitation and sport science.

Possible return to preparations for second round

A tight and intensive program was created for Ideguchi, with which he worked from dawn until dusk for his complete rehabilitation. At this time, he is absolutely on schedule. The Japanese doctors can hardly observe negative reactions of the knee. However, setbacks in an intensive rehabilitation process shall always be planned. Today we got the good news, that Ideguchi will return to Fuerth from Japan next week. Then he has to undergo various examinations and strains so we can see when he can return to team training. After this severe injury, we have targeted the preparations for the second half. “If it should go faster, all the better” says Martin Meichelbeck, Technical Director of SpVgg Greuther Fuerth, who was in close contact with the medical department and the doctors, therapists and consultants in Tokyo.



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